Sottoriva: a Maranese success
The company owes much to its territory.

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A company is not born and grows in a territory by chance: there are reasons why it manages to evolve from a craft activity to an industrial reality, due to the surrounding environment . In Marano Vicentino these reasons must be many, if you think about  the large number of companies existing in the area.

 Sottoriva is among these as well, born downtown in the '40s , in a bakery where two boys, the Sottoriva brothers, eager  to help their mother, devised a series of machines in order to ease her baker work burden . Voice spread fast and soon these machines were being  required by other bakers, so as to develop a real machine production business. Many local Marano people  contribute to its growth, as directly involved  workers, employees, customers and suppliers.

The choice of the company logo attests to the strong link with the territory  by showing the goat which is included in the town coat of arms. Over the years the downtown headquarters becomes unsuitable for production. Many in the village still remember the time consuming  maneuvers performed by trucks loaded with machinery in order to be able to drive  through the narrow downtown streets.

Thus, at the end of the '70s,  Sottoriva reluctantly abandoned  its old location   while wishing to still remain  in Marano and builds  the current production site in Via Vittorio Veneto.

The company owes much to its territory, which has allowed it to achieve important goals at the international level, thanks to the wealth of skills, spirit of sacrifice and competitiveness present in the area.