Mateja and Andrea: the additional guarantee after the sale
The After Sales Dept. takes care of the customers every day.

Sottoriva / News

The Sottoriva After Sales Dept. consists of a tried and dynamic pair: Mateja and Andrea are very different, but this is why they work perfectly together. They take care of the requests of the Sottoriva foreign customers and reseller after the sale, taking charge of their problems and trying to resolve them as soon as possible. As Andrea says: “…if I were the customer, I would like clear, honest and fast answers. And this is precisely what we try to do”. This job keeps them under a lot of pressure, sometimes a real race against the clock, but it also gives great satisfactions.

Despite the big responsibility, both of them love the dynamism of their employment.  They never know which type of requests the customers could make. Sometimes they are simple tasks, sometimes they are very complicated, but for sure, Mateja and Andrea are not bored in their office! The fact to be working with so many people all over the world leads them to travel metaphorically every day from one continent to another. Moreover, this links to one of the wishes they would like to accomplish "we'd like to meet the people with whom we work and who live away ... When you hear someone on the phone or via e-mail you get an idea, but after you met the person everything changes. We have a strong business relation with a lot of customers and resellers.”

Therefore, Mateja and Andrea remind us how the human and relational factor is necessary to make the difference.