Alberto: I bring Sottoriva in the world
The foreign area manager tells us about his profession.

Sottoriva / News

Alberto is the Sottoriva Area manager for some areas of Europe, Middle East and Africa. A big territory, with cultures and lifestyles very different that, trip after trip, Alberto has learned to know and to love. For almost 10 years, he brings the Sottoriva brand in the world, travelling for thousands of kilometers each month and knowing different realities. Try to find a solution for all customers is fundamental for him and he visits them frequently, proposing new machinery and plants for the production of bread. A job like this requires personal qualities such as big initiative, strong adaptability and a good dose of curiosity, which led him to leave for his business with renewed enthusiasm.

Today, Alberto has a lot of experience. As he tells us, "You have to learn many things on the field." It is a challenging work, but he loves it and you can understand it by the way he tells us about the many episodes that have occurred in recent years.