A great news
Zero Stress system for dividers is arriving.

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Even in the food sector, market needs change rapidly and it is important to be prepared.

Today, as far as bread is concerned, the need is to produce quality bread, maintaining the bread's natural leaven.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the quality of the products and therefore of the ingredients used to make them.

For this reason, Sottoriva has launched a great news on the food manufacturers market: zero stress dividers, with an innovative system for processing leavened doughs.

Designed and developed in recent years, this system does not "maltreat" the dough in any way, keeping the natural bread leavening time unaltered. The result is a perfectly leavened bread, without chemical additions, respecting our tradition.

Already at the official presentation, held at Sottoriva booth at the AB Tech Sigep 2017, the interest earned on these dividers has exceeded the most optimistic expectations. In fact, on that occasion, many people stopped to observe the production cycle of bread, from dough, to leavening, to working with new dividers, without the need for final leavening, until final cooking.

We have always been dealing with both large and small bakeries and for this reason we have studied two solutions: one for the artisan, Opera 240, and the other for the industry, MR8 2.0. Both machines are also suitable for working with highly moisturized leavened doughs, allowing production of Ciabatta bread or stamped bread.