Mini Line
MINI LINE family: flexibility, simplicity, reliability. Lines for a small /medium production up to 3.500 pieces per hour at 2 rows and weight range from 30 to 160 gr ( 1 -5.6 oz) according with the Lyra version. Products: Hamburger, Hot Dog, Petit Pain, Stamping Rolls.

In every Lyra and Lyra Line can be added a dough chunker which has a stars cutting system with tray lifting, so it can be loaded with a removable bowl mixer with a simple and low tilting-lifting machine or with a self-tilting spiral mixer.
In the Lyra can be added (optional) a loading belt to increase the amount of dough for a longer working time without dough loading.
This device can be added in any Lyra also when it is connected with any line.
Mini Lin2 pockets DIVIDER AND ROUNDER machines
This 2 pockets DIVIDER AND ROUNDER machines is available in two versions:
- Mechanical: with weight manually adjustable and only 2 production speeds 2.100 to 3.000 pieces per hour;
- Electronic: with weight adjustment, rounding speed and production speed controlled by computer and set and memorized in the computer program. Hourly capacity from 2.000 to 3.500 pieces.
The Electronic version is supplied with a “touch screen” control panel able to set 50 programs and operative handling by P.L.C. system.