For the zero stress technology

The Sottoriva dividers treat the dough with the utmost delicacy.

Nowadays consumers are more and more careful about the quality of products and therefore to the ingredients used to make them. As far as bread making is concerned, this involves the need to make quality bread, without chemical preparations or shortcuts, while maintaining the natural leavening of the product. For this reason, Sottoriva has conceived zero stress dividers, with an innovative system to process leavened dough. What does zero stress mean? It means that the dough is treated by the machine with great care, in order to keep inside the air produced by leavening and in this way facilitate its development, thus obtaining a product of extreme lightness and fragrance.
Studied and developed in the last few years, this system maintains the natural leavening time of bread, respecting the true Italian gastronomic tradition.

The company has developed various dividers with this technology:

  • MR8 2.0, automatic divider for industrial production
  • Athena Plus, divider rounder suitable for industrial production
  • Dynamica, divider rounder suitable for medium production

Lyra, divider rounder suitable for medium-small production