For over 70 years of experience

The Sottoriva story begins in 1944.

Sottoriva was founded in 1944 in Marano Vicentino, a village in northern Italy. The Sottoriva brothers, wanting to help the mother in her work as a baker, built a mixer. They did not know that a great adventure would have originated from that little work. In fact, the machine worked so well that in a short time the voice spread, so that other bakers wanted one. Over the years, driven by a great enthusiasm, they began to produce other useful machinery for the bakery field. It was a success. Thus, continuing to invest in research and development, the Sottoriva production grew to cover the entire range of machines necessary for the production of bread, pastry and related products. These machines have always stood out for their solidity of construction, excellent operation and cutting-edge features. In recent years, Sottoriva has developed high-tech bread-lines for medium-large industries with high production capacity. The experience gained and the important goals achieved, allow Sottoriva to provide each customer with excellent products and a superior quality service.