Mini Sff line for Hamburger Buns, Finger Rolls, Hot Dogs, Dinner Rolls

MINI SFF Divider and Rounder

MINI-SFF is able to produce Hamburger Buns, Finger Rolls, Hot Dogs, Dinner Rolls with a max hourly capacity of 3.500 pieces with a weight range from 30 to 160 gr (1 oz to 5.6 oz) according with the models.

The moulder SFF is equipped with Pre sheeting roller and sheeting roller for a gently moulding system and a curling chain. The stretching and the flattening of the dough is done by a reverse moulding belt. An out feed belt to pick up the moulding bread is simply overturn when the production is finished in order to save space. In the line it is possible to use the Mechanical or Electronic version of the LYRA according to the customer's requirements.

This Line is specially designed for a single man operation.

This machine combination is available also with a C/40 moulder machine with double opposite moving belt for a tight rolled moulding.