The dosing mixing unit Mod. MDA is an electronic dosing-unit with microprocessor, with a digital touch –type keyboard for setting the quantity and the temperature of the water to dose. It is equipped with 3 displays for the visualization of:
1. Quantity of the water
2. Temperature of the water
3. Temperature controlled by external probe

-Stainless steel structure
-Unit with probe to measure the external temperature or the mixing
-It automatically doses and mixes the warm, refrigerated and pipe water (according to the type of installation), delivering into the mixer the quantity of water set at the desired temperature.
-Ball valve for the draining of water not in temperature, which can be controlled thermostatically or by time.
-The dosing mixing unit is programmable for 80 different recipes.
-Max. Dosing capacity up to 999,9 litres at a resolution of tenth of litre
MDA electronic dosing-unit with microprocessor
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