Suitable for the only production of finger rolls

It is an automatic unit for small and medium outputs of rolls of soft and hard dough. Manual selecting of the weight range variable from about 35 to 500 gr. according to the cut type. At 1, 2 or 3 rows with dividing knives replaceable manually. Sheeting thickness adjustment. Selecting device for cut length. Output speed variator. Sheeting and dividing head 120 mm wide. Two rollers moulders WINNER and with only one moulder at two rollers with working width of 500 mm for the model Winner/S.
Speed variator. Mounted on castors. Stainless steel structure and casing.
Optionals: lateral outlet belt to feed the continuous rounder. Long-loaf moulding device to be fitted on the first moulder.

Technical Specifications

Type Motor Mass Kg Size mm
WINNER/S KW 0,37-0,5-0,18 500 1700x880x1600
WINNER - WINNER/S automatic unit for rolls of soft and hard dough
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