Automatic unit for rolled bread, long loaves and ciabatta for medium bakeries

AUTOMATIC UNIT suitable for bakeries requiring versatile machines able to produce many different types of bread, but also having to take into account the available space in the bakery. It can divide hard and soft dough as well as the well-known “CIABATTA” with variable weight range from 20 to 1.500 g. (approx.) in 1-2-4-6 rows (3 on optional) obtainable by means of interchangeable knives. High capacity automatic infeed belt. Sheeting and dividing head width 180 mm. The speed is adjusted by means of a variator, which offers higher machine versatility.
In the model Duetto 2 the long loaf moulding device (optional) can be installed either incorporated between the first or second moulder or on trolley to be installed on the first or second moulder or after the resting belts. In the model Duetto 2/S it is possible to install only the long loaf moulder on trolley. Four rollers moulder, with antiproduction reject, of useful width 500 mm, max. moulder at 1.000 gr. The controls are located on the right with respect to the machine dough infeed direction. With easy to use “Touch-Screen control panel with 50 memories and dividing knife speed selfadjustment for obtaining more precision in the set weights. Possibility to work manually without electronic control. Stainless steel structure.

Technical Specifications

DUETTO 2 KW 0,37-0,75-0,75 675 1580x1140x1920
DUETTO 2/S KW 0,37-0,75-0,75 515 1600x1140x1900
DUETTO 2 - DUETTO 2/S Automatic units for rolled bread, long loaves and ciabattaDUETTO 2 - DUETTO 2/S
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