Our history starts approximately 70 years ago with the production of simple machines, but already very modern for first fifties.

From a simple mixer, divider, moulder to the current completely automatic plants able to meet all production requirements of the most modern bakery companies.

We are always improving our technology to offer a good answer to the requests of a continually changing market. This permit both to SOTTORIVA and its customers to be leading companies.

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Our history has begun in 1944 when the brothers Giuseppe and Claudio Sottoriva founded a company able to supply tools that became essential for the work of bakeries, pastry and pizza shops.
In a short time, the Sottoriva brand became a synonymous of reliability, quality, leadership and continuous research of innovative solution to satisfy the customers.
The company, now an international leader in the design and construction of plant and equipment for the bakery technology, began to represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

To celebrate its first 70 years, in 2014 Sottoriva wanted to tell through a museum and look to the future with the renewal and expansion of its laboratory.
The family Sottoriva brought together, in November 2014, the workers of yesterday and today to celebrate this milestone.

Moreover, some of the main stages of its history have been retraced on the web, using the machineries as the main theme.