For the ability to think big

Sottoriva produces industrial lines sold worldwide.

Sottoriva thinks big. Thus, continuing to guarantee the production of solid and cutting-edge machinery for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias, from long time it has also developed industrial lines to meet the needs of the media and large industries. Productivity, flexibility and durability are the main features of these plants: you can make many different products in terms of shape, weight and disposition on the tray, without affect the quality.



The Sottoriva lines are differentiated, for hourly production, into three groups: Mini Line, Hi Line and Super Line, but the configuration possibilities are endless, because each one of the above-mentioned line is customized according to customer needs.


Curious to see them at work? Here are some examples in these videos:

-       Mini Line:

-       Hi Line:

-       Super Flex Line: