For the design of the machines

A Sottoriva product also stands out in its appearance.

The design of a Sottoriva machine does not take into account only the operation. Our products must also stand out in terms of shape, mainly for ergonomics: maximizing the work of the customer is an essential feature for us. For this reason the Sottoriva machines do not present any impediments to production operations and allow us to work in complete safety thanks to the high standards of the European directives, which we strictly follow.

Currently, Sottoriva machines are mainly produced in stainless steel, for a modern look and in order to match them easily with other instruments of a workshop. Even though, over the years our distinctive color has always been the classic Sottoriva green, used to distinguish us from the birth of the company, 70 years ago. There is not the related pantone on the market, because it is made specifically.