Conical rounder

Machine fit for working soft and non-standard dough. The rolling is performed between a cone and some hollow teflon coated spirals which produce pieces with a spherical shape. Each machine is equipped with two air-tight adjustable pulverizing devices. It can be coupled to any piston
automatic divider. The machine is mounted on castors, fitted with blocking system. If requested the machine can be supplied with: a) teflon coated
cone; b) air blast device with cold air or cold and warm air; c) outfeed belt.

Technical Specifications

Type Motor Weight range gr. Mass Kg Size mm
AS2 KW 1,1 500/2800 296 1000x920x1350
AS3 KW 1,1 1000/3600 296 1000x920x1350
AS2/3 for working soft and non-standard dough
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