Automatic divider no stress

At 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, rows for soft and leavened dough like CIABATTA and BAGUETTE for weight ranges from 25 g to 2000 g. Stainless steel structure and covers. Inlet belt and sheeting head with 240 mm of useful width. A satellite multi-roller system sheets the dough with several anti-stress beats;
manually adjustable thickness of lamination from 6 to 26 mm. The longitudinal cutting discs system and the guillotine cutter have interchangeable blades in the number of rows; the guillotine can have straight, inclined and/or triangle shaping blades, or different shapes as per customer’s specifications.
Universal spreading belts manually adjustable by means of handwheels with the possibility of spread the rows from 1 to 6 as desired. Each movement is controlled by an inverter to give the maximum working flexibility. The machine is mounted on wheels with swivel. “Touch screen” control panel with 50 storable programs and PLC. The machine is suitable to be coupled to lines with moulder devices, rounding devices, stamping units , cutting devices and tray loading devices for a fully automatic working cycle.
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