Divider rounder Heavy duty, high output divider rounder machine

Divider rounder for the production of round bread, hamburger, arab bread, pitta and pizza. The machine, suitable to work soft and semitough doughs, is equipped with teflon-coated stainless steel hopper for a capacity of 25 kg. approx. and it could be fed by proper feeding device. The dough, gently handled thanks to a dosing star system, is compressed in the portions chambers, which appropriately adjusted give the required weight. Once the weight is fixed, the dough pieces are discharged and enters the rounding drum, which is easily interchangeable according to the requested weight. At the end, the pieces, properly rounded, are deposited on the outlet spreading belt.
“TOUCH SCREEN” control panel with 50 setting programs and PLC for the adjustment of weight, production speed and rounding speed and all the information set for drums, dividing head. Hourly production from 1000 to 2500 pcs/h for row (42 strokes/min.).

ATHENA LARGE PLUS high output divider rounder machineATHENA LARGE PLUS
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