Luca and the Sottoriva technology

The automation and the software to service the BREAD production

Luca works in the Sottoriva Technical Dept., where the company develops the software used for all the machinery and lines. All automation, in fact, is internally handled to ensure the customer a highly personalized service and quality. A choice that involves a continuous updating. Therefore, Luca over the years has been formed continually following various courses, from those dedicated to programming languages, to the pneumatic and electronics.

However, Luca's passion is programming. A passion that grows outside of working hours "for my birthday, I bought for myself a little robot to program!”

A fascinating field, where changes are fast: hired in 1989, Luca saw and was author of many changes in the company. The increasing automation of machines, the development of increasingly personalized solutions and the new EU regulations have revolutionized the way we work. As he says, "the work in this field is never finished; we must continue to improve our machines to keep pace with the innovations and market demands."